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All you need to know about the Social Tournaments Buddy Pass


If you and your friends are die-hard gamers, you’ll be glad to know that you can benefit from a whole host of wonderful rewards when you refer your nearest and dearest in the direction of the slot tournament Universe. 

The process is simple; it’s just a case of pressing the “Social Pass” button and selecting Buddy Pass from the drop-down menu. You’ll notice three categories that reveal total cash and coins bonuses and the number of players recruited from the top of the page. This feature allows you to track your progress regarding the referral process. 

To refer friends to Social Tournaments, you will notice a personalised URL; this can be shared with friends or relatives across any social platform of your choice: Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, and SMS are the most popular choices as to where the link can be shared. There are also several enticing marketing materials featuring your favourite slot characters, which can all be shared across social media. It will work in your favour to be savvy with social media; think about adding links or materials to your social media posts, stories, and to your bio links to maximise your chances of recruiting new players. 

Now that you’ve uncovered the formula to unlock an extra fortune, you need to start sharing your link. All of your recruits will need to pass the KYC process successfully to be eligible; if successful, you can then claim your reward. 

Upon successful registration, new players will receive a goody box that contains: Lootboxes and a Newbie Ticket. Make sure that you continue to refer, as you will receive a share of the new player’s earnings for up to 6 months and a generous share of coins. You must accumulate up to €10 in cash to receive your weekly payout, while the maximum amount of coins per week you can get is 5000. 

Ready to reap those rewards? Then it’s time to fire that link to a friend!