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All You Need To Know About Social Tournaments Coins


A famous saying goes, “Money can’t buy happiness.” Whether that’s true or not, it’s not for us to decide. We are all very different, so what works for one person, might not even be an option for another. 

However, what we do know is that gold and shiny Coins are the currency for Social Tournaments. They are very important components in the Social Tournaments mechanism, as they are the only way you can buy anything from the Store or even join some slots tournaments. Let’s see what you can do with Social Tournaments Coins! 

What are Social Tournaments Coins? 

Coins are the currency used on Social Tournaments to purchase items in the Store! They can be gained in Prize Wheels, by ranking high on the leaderboard of our slots tournaments free, or by completing the missions in the Social Pass. You can also win (or lose) Coins in Duels, depending on the result. 

How do I win Social Tournaments Coins? 

Now that we know what Coins are, let’s see how you can get your hands on them. 

  • Factions – A great way to win a bunch of coins is with the help of the Factions. The newly added feature gives players the chance to win up to 50,000 coins as a faction.  
  • Social Pass Rewards – Coins are also intertwined with the Social Pass system – depending on the Social Pass level you’re at, you are in for juicy coins prizes of up to 1000x Store Coins. 
  • Daily Login Program – this is probably the easiest way to win some coins – it requires your daily participation in the daily login program. Depending on the day, you can win either Prize Wheels or Coins. 
  • Prize Wheels – our Prize Wheels come with coins prizes of up to 45,000. 
  • Duels – winning a 1vs1 Duel can get you 1900 coins. 

What can you do with Social Tournaments Coins? 

Social Tournaments coins are very flexible, giving you tons of options to use them. From buying Lootboxes and Avatars from the Store to joining a slot tournament, Coins can help you advance in your Social Tournaments journey. 

  • Purchase Items from the Store – the Social Tournaments Store offers quite a rich collection of items you can purchase, and they can all be bought with Coins. This way, you can acquire exclusive Avatars, Lootboxes, Tickets, and even branded merchandise found exclusively at Social Tournaments.  
  • Buy Prize Wheels – Prize Wheels allow you to spin one of the three available Prize Wheels in hopes of landing on money prize, slot tournament ticket, or (why not?), coins. Prize Wheels can be bought from the Store, if you have enough Coins in your inventory. 
  • Join a Duel – 1vs1 Duels can be joined only by paying a fee of 1,000 Coins.  
  • Join Slots Tournaments Free – you can use coins to join the Coins Buy-In Progressive Slot Tournaments, which come with (you guessed it!) coin prizes.  

You can find out more about what to do with Social Tournaments Coins in our FAQ guide! 

Coins are our way to enrich your experience at Social Tournaments. They give you access to a bunch of features that’ll make your time on our platform go from great to spectacular. Think of them as tickets to a fair – the more you have, the greater the fun!