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2 vs 2 Social Tournaments Duels – team up, and let’s play!

We, at Social Tournaments, like to keep players engaged and entertained with all sorts of features and options – from free to play slot tournaments to Faction battles, there are tons of play options for users to up the fun at any moment of the day and night! 

With each season, we like to dazzle the players and push the entertainment limits even further! This way, in the newly released Season 13, we released the last Duel option in the Duels section: the 2vs2 duels. Let’s find out what makes this feature stand out and how you can take advantage of its perks! 

Social Tournaments – Duels 

The duel option has been introduced to players this year, with the 1vs1 duels and Faction Battles being released a few months apart. This feature aims to make players feel the thrill, rush, and adrenaline the cowboys in the Wild West Gold slot feel when walking up to the Saloon in search of trouble. Here’s more about the duels themselves and the two options previously launched. 

Social Tournaments – How to Play Duels 

The mechanics behind the duels take random players and place them face to face, on the same battlefield, in form of an online slot, with their guns filled with 250 spins. They need to empty their firearms in half an hour while trying to score the highest number of points. 

Depending on the duel you want to play, the prize poll will be different, with the 2 vs 2 duels boasting an 8000 coins prize pool, while faction battles come with a 5700 coins prize pool. There’s also a buy-in coins price you need to cover when joining a duel – the higher the stakes, the juicier the prize! 

  • Social Tournaments 1 vs 1 Duels – just like the name hints, players who choose this option will have to fight another player of any faction, country, or social pass level. Have the 1000 coins for the buy-in requirement prepared and get ready to spin for the 1900 coins prize pool! The Pragmatic Play slot you’ll be duelling on is chosen at random, so you can expect big hits, such as the Gates of Olympus slot or the adorable The Dog House slot to open up on the screen, but also new videoslots fresh out of the oven, like the Sweet Powernudge slot or the spicy Hot Pepper slot! 


  • Social Tournaments Faction Battles – the Factions and our duels system work together like PB and J, and there’s no denying everything is way more fun when you’re with friends! The Faction Battle takes two players from the three Factions and challenges them to spin the reels and reach the highest score until either the spins or the time runs out! Each of the six participants needs to chip in with 1000 coins, but don’t forget about the 5700 coins prize pool up for grabs! The game will be taken at random this time as well. 

  • Social Tournaments 2 vs 2 Duels – the latest addition to our Duels section, the 2 vs 2 one, give you the chance to team up with another Social Tournaments player, regardless of faction, social pass, or seniority on the website, and engage in a thrilling adventure in search of the 8000 coins prize pool. This way, you will be thrown into the ring with 250 spins in your pockets and lots of courage! 

Duels are a great opportunity to try out Pragmatic Play slots for free and win some coins or points for your faction! With the extra fighting layer that adds to the thrill of the experience, this feature can be enjoyed on a 1 vs 1 level, for when you want some alone time, or in a 2 vs 2 version, where you get to join forces with another random player and fight a group of other two players. For those who like to fight for the greater good, the Faction Battle can be joined with a 1000 coins buy-in, with groups of two being taken from the three factions and placed on the battlefield to fight for the 5700 coins prize pool! What kind of fighter are you today? There’re options for every player.