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 How to win and keep winning with Social Tournaments


It’s one thing to hit the spin button, but are you going into your tournaments and playing games with the winner’s mindset? Any small victory can make an enormous difference, but its consistency is essential if you’re to win and keep winning throughout your Social Tournaments journey. Let’s have a look at how we can make that happen: 

Activate the winner’s mindset

You might wonder what the winning mindset consists of in a gaming context? Ultimately, it’s all down to four elementary but essential steps to follow, which reveal the difference between a player that has the potential to become champion of the challenge of becoming a near winner. 

  • Self-belief – Take some time to focus on how you feel about your next adventure. Do you believe you will win or attract a joyous victory from whichever game or tournament you will play? Believing in yourself and your abilities to coin the wins is the key. 
  • Set goals – The Social Passis your perfect excuse to level up regularly. The challenges and one-time missions form a mini gallery of goals that will allow you to feel challenged and on the right path towards earning more wins and extra rewards to enhance your overall experience. Since the plans are clearly set out on your social pass page, it makes it even easier to stay on track and align with an exciting choice of challenges to complete. 
  • Be a responsible player – Ultimately, this means gambling responsibly. It also means being more thoughtful in the free slot tournaments win real money challenges and tournaments you choose. Are you choosing to play the slot games with the highest win potential and RTP? Are you playing the tournaments that have the most elevated prize pool? These are all important notes to consider in your level-up as a player. 
  • Resilience – We know that it can prove challenging to get your hands on the big wins at the best of times but staying strong in the player’s pursuit will lead you to greatness in the end. Take the tournaments, for example; some offer player’s unlimited/limited retries where you can try your luck more than once to be in with a chance of winning. To double the chances of winning, have a look at the selection of tickets available in the Social Tournaments Store, where you can buy tickets to retry. 

As you can see, with these notes in mind, it’s not difficult to see that there are limitless ways to win when you keep your eyes open to opportunity. Increasing your chances of winning is about staying active, focused, and engaged while looking for opportunities where you can be sure that high rewards are guaranteed. Make every step with Social Tournaments count by following those four straightforward steps, and you’ll see the difference in no time. 

Some say it’s about getting lucky; some say it’s about cultivating the right approach and playing tactfully. Let’s see which view will have you veering in the valuables!