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Boardgame Themed Slots by Pragmatic Play to Keep you Entertained!

You can enjoy boardgames minus the arguments that come along with opponents, in these boardgame-themed slots! Known to keep folk busy for hours on end, boardgames are perfect for rainy days inside, and now that you can access these online slots from any desktop or mobile device, you can enjoy the entertainment regardless of the weather – and from anywhere in the world! Let’s get the dice rolling with these exciting slots! 

  1. Snakes & Ladders Megadice Demo Slot – Nostalgia at its finest with this release from Pragmatic Play, where players can enjoy a taste of the timeless Snakes & Ladders classic! Set on 5-reel with 10 paylines and a 5300x Max Win, we’re sure you’re wondering where the boardgame is! You’ll have to work for the bonus round in this slot, with the Progressive Feature the game comes with. In the base game a snake with 11 sections will appear on the reels, and whenever you land the Wild Dice, the snake will begin to fill up – depending on the number of dots on the Wild Dice that land. Once all 11 sections of the snake are filled, the Board Game Bonus round will begin! Alternatively, you can land 3 or more bonus symbols for this round, where you’re awarded dice rolls instead of Free Spins – up to a maximum of 17 dice rolls. The dice will roll and move you along the boardgame, just like the original does – with added ladders and snakes to move you up or down respectively. With so much fun taking place on the reels of this slot, you’ll forget there’s a base game to be played as well! 
  2. Snakes & Ladders Snake Eyes Demo Slot – This sequel comes with 5-reels and has a cartoonish look to it, with the grid set at the base of a waterfall in a jungle. Despite the change of scenery, this slot still brings the same impressive entertainment seen in the first version of this slot game! With 10 paylines and a maximum award of 5300x up for grabs, you’ll want to know how you get about triggering the Board Game Bonus round! Simply land 3 or more Bonus symbols on the reels for the boardgame to open up, with the chance of being awarded up to 16 dice rolls this time. The gameplay works the same way as it did before, except this time you stand the chance of landing on additional bonus features on the boardgame, such as a money awards and multipliers! 
  3. Magic Money Maze Demo Slot – Did you ever think you’d be playing boardgames with some of America’s presidents?! Well, now you have the chance to with the Magic Money Maze slot! Set on 5-reels with 10 paylines and the chance to bag a 10 000x Max Win, let’s get into the details of the boardgame this slot comes with! Trigger the round when you land 3 or more Bonus symbols on the reels – and depending on the number of bonus symbols that hit, you’ll be given up to 4 lives – just like you would in a video game! The screen then changes to a 7×7 boardgame where Money Awards, and Hearts award additional lives, and the Scorpions and Snakes remove lives from your set. The dice will roll and give you the number of places you’ll need to move – but instead of moving the way you normally would, your aim is to get to the centre of the boardgame where the Magic Money Maze Symbol sits, for a multiplier to be applied to random money awards! 

Pragmatic Play is also in the process of bringing the boardgame fun of Snakes & Ladders to the Live Casino space – and who knows, could there be real snakes and ladders for hosts to climb?! This game has so much potential, and by the looks of these slots it can really be turned into something more – so let’s see if Pragmatic Play are going to surprise us by using it in other forms that’ll make it just as timeless as the boardgame itself! Roll the virtual dice with the boardgame slots they have on offer for your chance at epic gameplay, and mega payouts on the reels!