Nimm am progressiven Turnier mit deinen Münzen teil
Du wirst Münzen aus deinem Münz-Saldo für die Teilnahme dieses Turniers benutzen
Sie können Ihr derzeitiges Ergebnis zurücksetzen und es erneut versuchen.
Sobald dies geschehen ist, verfällt Ihr aktueller Punktestand in diesem Turnier und Sie beginnen von vorne.
Required coins
Dein Saldo
Benutze Münzen und nimm teil
Zurücksetzen und erneut versuchen

The Doctor’s Wild Machine is ready to see the (slot) world

Doctor Crazy-Eye Mooby has been working on a (slot) machine that can award players with massivewild winnings for some time and now it’s finally perfectly adjusted. After years of trying different formulas, he can say “It’s alive”! The Doctor lost an eye and his left hand in the process, but it all paid off – the machine it’s faultless. Besides, we’ve heard that hand made of iron is a cool place to keep your Wild Stones. 

The Machine’s Features status: carefully calibrated   

Crazy-Eye Mooby created a unique video slot game with a 5×5 grid in the base game that can change randomly to a particular 1x3x5x7x5x3x1 grid during the Free Spins Round. You wouldn’t believe the math behind this. 

The Wild Machine slot game gives you 3 chances to go home with the big trophy: 

  1. The Wonder Wheel Feature – spin the wheel and you’ll be awarded with one of the 30 prizes. You can win Free Spins or even direct cash. 
  1. Gold Foundry Free Spins Feature – 2, 3, 4 or 5 reels can become completely stacked with Wild Symbols, forming new winning combinations.  
  1. Diamond Forge Free Spins Feature  this feature transforms the usual 5×5 grid into the special format. Reels 1, 4 and 7 are covered with a huge Wild Symbol and when a new one hits the screen, it remains sticky. Awesome! 
Extra Tournaments status: all set, ready to take off 

All engines are running2 Extra Wild Machine Tournaments are planned to be launched tomorrow. The first one starts at 13 UTC time and the second one, at 19.30 UTC time. Check our schedule to be sure you don’t miss them.