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The 3 types of slot players


Many studies have been made to discover if people can be divided into personality types. By taking a test (even an online one), you could find out if you are more suitable for a working in a team kind of job or if your main characteristic is adopting an assertive technique when facing a social confrontation.

As we made a list of our types of player, we took into consideration the player’s attitude towards taking risks and the playing it all on one spin factor when divided players into the following three categories.


  1. The “playing-it-safe” type

This is the conservative player who always has an end goal in sight and won’t deviate from a cautious staking plan in order to get there. If he/she plays a high variance slot, such as Wild West Gold, the playing-it-safe player knows that his/her time will eventually come and that colossal winnings will land in his/her account. Sudden changes are not for this player, he/she likes things to be steady and balanced. That is why it’s more likely that he/she won’t change the wager no matter what happens in the game. Incredible winnings come for those who wait.


  1. The “I-want-it-all-and-I-want-it-now” type

This kind of player is the exact opposite of the “playing-it-safe” type. He/she is a big fan of high-risk strategies and can usually be found playing high volatility slots, as The Wild Machine is. One might even call them the adrenaline junkies of slot games. The feeling that “it’s now or never” vibe is the reason they open the internet browser for. If you consider yourself a member of this category, try to balance your gaming by adopting a conservative approach from time to time, and going in all guns blazing at others. Harmony is key.


  1. The “little-by-little” type

If you are not head over heels after the huge emotional rollercoaster of jackpot prizes and prefer games with a medium-low volatility, like you can find in Aztec Bonanza, you might be this type of player. He/she knows that gigantic pay-outs are not impossible but chooses to concentrate his/her efforts on small, successive winnings rather than putting all their hopes and dreams on a big hit. It’s the journey that matters, not the destination.


Slots for any kind of YOU

SocialTournaments provides versatile options for all types of players out there. Low, medium or high volatility games can be found on our website with different RTP values. We try to harmonize our schedule so that you can find all kinds of slots in play. Join for free now and play our tournaments to win real money prizes!