Nimm am progressiven Turnier mit deinen Münzen teil
Du wirst Münzen aus deinem Münz-Saldo für die Teilnahme dieses Turniers benutzen
Sie können Ihr derzeitiges Ergebnis zurücksetzen und es erneut versuchen.
Sobald dies geschehen ist, verfällt Ihr aktueller Punktestand in diesem Turnier und Sie beginnen von vorne.
Required coins
Dein Saldo
Benutze Münzen und nimm teil
Zurücksetzen und erneut versuchen

Social Tournaments Season 2 – It just got real!

Season 2-release-banner-image-for-article
Season 2-release-banner-image-for-article

Season 1 brought a bunch of highly anticipated features such as a ranking system based on completing challenges and unlocking Reward Chestsa chat function and the possibility to win Avatars and Emojis. For Season 2, we are refining new features to enhance player experience. So without further ado…

Social Pass Season 2 is here! 

One Tournament to Rule Them All 

The second season comes with a new type of tournament, new winning system and new sections on the website. Starting on February 12, besides the 3 daily tournaments you know and love, you will have the possibility to gain access to the exclusive Monthly TournamentHow is it exclusive, you ask? It’s quite simple, really – you’ll have the opportunity to win Golden Tickets by progressing through the Social Pass Ranks or by finding them hidden in reward chests. You can use one ticket to participate in the monthly Tournament or you can use to reset your score in the Tournament and try again.  

There’s Gold in Season 2’s Chests

Another highly requested feature that we’re implementing at the beginning of Season 2 is Cash Rewards in chests. Not much to say here – open a chest and one of the prizes may be a cash prize.  The payout system for this category of prizes is identical to tournament wins; payouts are done every week for users with validated accounts.  

New Year, New Look! 

We’ve also updated the front page look with new sections such as news and achievements. There’s also a new page on the website called the Hall of Fame, with a bunch of statistics about top players and games.  

Mid-Season Patch 

We’re also working on a new system for awarding points during tournaments. Instead of having your wins or multipliers constitute your leaderboard score, we’re aiming to implement a system that can keep things a bit more balanced. You’ll have a number of repeatable short-term objectives during your play session: win or lose 3 spins in a row, hit a certain multiplier a certain number of times, etc. Every time you complete such an objective, you are awarded with points.  Our main objective with this system is to narrow the gap between the top and bottom halves of the leaderboard.  

This system will not be available right at the start of Season 2 – it’s important to get everything right and it needs a lot of balance testing, so you can expect it live around mid-season.