Nimm am progressiven Turnier mit deinen Münzen teil
Du wirst Münzen aus deinem Münz-Saldo für die Teilnahme dieses Turniers benutzen
Sie können Ihr derzeitiges Ergebnis zurücksetzen und es erneut versuchen.
Sobald dies geschehen ist, verfällt Ihr aktueller Punktestand in diesem Turnier und Sie beginnen von vorne.
Required coins
Dein Saldo
Benutze Münzen und nimm teil
Zurücksetzen und erneut versuchen

Introducing the Newsletter Tournament!

newsletter tournament -banner
newsletter tournament -banner

We have been sending you newsletters since Season 1 and, since you seem to enjoy them so much, we thought this is the best moment to make a new type of tournament out of it! So, without further ado, we would like to introduce the Newsletter Tournament. Some news, right? Let’s dive in and see what this new tournament can bring! 


Join the Newsletter Tournament! 

As name hints, the Newsletter Tournament is all about our weekly newsletter: It starts at around the hour we send it out and it can be joined only if you have a special Casino Ticket. Because you guys cannot receive it at the same time (technology, what can you do?), we decided to make it last until the end of the next day. For example, let’s say the Newsletter Tournament starts today at 11 UTC. It will end tomorrow at midnight. This way you have the same chances to play the tournament. 

Inside the Newsletter you will find a code for the Ticket you need to join – you just need to look for it. The prize pool is €200 just like all our Special Tournaments, but keep in mind that the prize pool might change.  

And, saving the best for last, the Newsletter Tournament is also brought to you by one of our casino partners. As this is a tournament that we would like to organise every week, there will be a different casino sponsoring each Newsletter Tournament. 

So, from now on, our Newsletter will contain not only valuable information about what we have been up to and details about upcoming games, but also a code for a dedicated casino Ticket that gives you access to the Newsletter Tournament.