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Hall of Fame – the best of the best in Seasons 1 and 2

hall of fame -banner
hall of fame -banner

We believe that, by now, you have all gotten familiar with our Hall of Fame, a virtual place where we celebrate the achievements of our devoted players. If you had a huge score, a massive multiplier or if you got to (high in your Social Pass Rank, there are high chances you will find your name in this section. Two seasons have passed and now it’s time to take a look at the players who made it on the Hall of Fame Leaderboards.


Social Pass Rank

This section shows the players who gathered all the Reward Chests and have reached the highest level in Social Pass. In Season 1 we had a bunch of players who got to level 46, the highest one. All three places on our podium have been occupied by users who got to the last level, but with different number of points. Morpheus, who made it on the 3rd place, collected 35,710 points, dejvish gathered 35,730 points and got second place, while #1 had 35,960 points. Well done, guys, well done!

The first place in Season 2 was given to moshius who managed to get to level 49 while gathering 35,100 points. Berna72 and Hellborn85 got places two and three with 34,890 and 34,900 points, respectively.

The fight for the first place in this category was pretty tight in both seasons. We know you guys try your hardest to get a place in the Leaderboard and we appreciate all of you, not only the first three.


Biggest Score

In this category we selected the players who gained the biggest score. The final score is created by adding the points you gathered by playing our tournaments. The more you play, the bigger the score. Simple as that.

During the first season, judit, RolkanGZ and dan1ka stood out with their scores of 875,040, 853,948 and 545,420. Congratulations!

In the second season the players who ranked on the first, second and third places achieved a bigger score comparing with the ones in Season 1. Icurze got bronze and scored 864,820, while cosminsas gained 1,424,890 and won the silver virtual medal. The big trophy was won by zvm1317 who gathered 1,487,190.


Biggest Multiplier

This section is dedicated to those who hit the highest multiplier during a season. To get a place in this section you need to spin the reels and hope for that tremendous multiplier to hit.

judit and RolkanGZ managed to get on two podiums, as they landed an x8548.84 and an x8302.08 multipliers that secured them the first and second places in Season 1. Muzz334 hit an x6839.00 and went home with the bronze medal.

The multipliers in Season 2 are way higher. NeverLie2M got the golden cup with a fabulous x19328.20 multiplier, followed by zvm1317 who hit a great multiplier of x14591.40. cosminsas got on 3rd place but was really close to second place with an x13719.60 multiplier.


Hall of Fame Season 3

The Social Pass Rank, Biggest Score and Biggest Multiplier Leaderboards for Season 3 are now waiting to be filled with your greatest accomplishments. Play our tournaments, make the most out of those 250 spins and win a place in the Hall of Fame!

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