Nimm am progressiven Turnier mit deinen Münzen teil
Du wirst Münzen aus deinem Münz-Saldo für die Teilnahme dieses Turniers benutzen
Sie können Ihr derzeitiges Ergebnis zurücksetzen und es erneut versuchen.
Sobald dies geschehen ist, verfällt Ihr aktueller Punktestand in diesem Turnier und Sie beginnen von vorne.
Required coins
Dein Saldo
Benutze Münzen und nimm teil
Zurücksetzen und erneut versuchen

Fantastic Tickets and Where to Find Them

You may have noticed the big Featured Tournament – it’s pretty hard to miss a €5000 prize pool right on the front page. Some of you are wondering how to get your hands on some of those shiny golden tickets. Well, wonder no more because this article is here to explain exactly how the ticket system works.

The Hunt for Golden Tickets

There are currently 3 ways of getting a Golden Ticket (that’s two more than for that chocolate factory, so take that Willy Wonka!):

  1. You get them for leveling up your Social Pass rank, one for level 10, another one at 20, 30, 40 and 50, so keep completing the objectives. This is probably the most straightforward way of getting a Ticket.
  2. They drop from chests. As expected, higher rarity chests have a higher chance of dropping a ticket. The drop rate is more or less similar to that of Epic avatars (maybe a bit higher).
  3. They can be redeemed by using codes. We’ll sometimes post codes on our social media, discord, in chat. Sometimes streamers might have them. Sometimes you can find codes in the forums we like to post on.

How to use Golden Tickets?

Quite easy, in fact. Once you have the ticket in your collection, you’ll have a large green button on the Featured Tournament section. Click on it, then click on “Use Ticket and Join”

If you have already participated in the tournament, you can use a ticket to reset your score and try again. Just follow the same steps – you’re smart people, we’re sure you’ll figure it out.

Pro-Tips and Meta-Game

Every season will bring 3 monthly tournaments. Every player will have about 5 guaranteed tickets to play with every Season. Considering that it’s easier to reach rank 10 and 20 and get your first couple of tickets, most players will use them to participate in the first monthly tournament. This means that every Season’s first Monthly Tournament will have more participants than the other two. If you want to maximize your chance to win, you could hold on to your tickets for the second and third tournaments, where competition will be a bit lighter (at least that’s what we expect).