Nimm am progressiven Turnier mit deinen Münzen teil
Du wirst Münzen aus deinem Münz-Saldo für die Teilnahme dieses Turniers benutzen
Sie können Ihr derzeitiges Ergebnis zurücksetzen und es erneut versuchen.
Sobald dies geschehen ist, verfällt Ihr aktueller Punktestand in diesem Turnier und Sie beginnen von vorne.
Required coins
Dein Saldo
Benutze Münzen und nimm teil
Zurücksetzen und erneut versuchen

Casino Loot boxes & Casino Tickets

lootboxes - casino-tickets-banner
lootboxes - casino-tickets-banner

Starting with Season 3 we introduced a new type of tournament and implemented the highly-engaging mission system that goes hand in hand with the Booster Feature. As you cannot say Weekly Finals without saying prize pools sponsored by a casino, there is no such thing as Weekly Qualifiers that do not reward casino-branded Loot Boxes and Tickets.

In other words, you may find brand-new Chests and Tickets in your Collections. Let’s see what these new Chests and Tickets are about.


Casino Loot boxes

This type of Chests can be won only by playing the Weekly Qualifiers tournaments. You can find these tournaments on our homepage highlighted with a light-blue color. You will also notice the name of the casino that sponsors the Weekly Finals in the right upper corner of the tournament’s list item. The special casino Loot Boxes are easily recognizable because they have the casino’s colors and logo in the middle.


Casino Tickets

Casino Tickets are the key to entering the Weekly Finals that is taking place each Sunday. There are two ways you can get your hands on these Tickets: (1) you can find them inside Casino Loot Boxes or (2) you get rewarded one if you finish on top of the Leaderboard in the Weekly Qualifiers.

Do you already have more than one Casino Ticket for the Weekly Finals that’s being held this weekend? Good for you! This does not mean you have a useless Ticket in your Collections. You can use the second Ticket to replay the Weekly Finals and get a better score.

Casino Tickets can be used only to enter the Weekly Finals from that week. For example, you can use the Casino Ticket won this week to join the Weekly Finals from this weekend. You cannot use the Ticket for another tournament held in another week, sponsored by the same casino. You will need a new one to enter that tournament.


To sum up, besides Avatars, Emojis and Golden Tickets, Casino Loot Boxes can also award Casino Tickets that can be later used to join the Weekly Finals. Players can use all their Casino Tickets to play are re-play the Weekly Finals from that weekend. Casino Tickets can be used to join only a certain Weekly Finals. Briefly, play Weekly Qualifiers -> win Casino Loot Boxes -> win Casino Tickets -> join Weekly Finals to win a bigger prize.